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Everything you ever wanted to know about Rainbow Sprinkles

Imagine this: it’s your 5th birthday and your mom promised you and your best friends an ice cream party...You grab your little bowl, only to stare at the colorless and bland-looking image of plain ice cream. You’re in shock, WHERE ARE THE SPRINKLES? Is it even possible to have an ice cream party without sprinkles?  Maybe, but who wants plain boring mono-colored ice cream, when you can have a swirl of rainbow enter your mouth by the spoonful? Even the oldest and wisest know it is extremely...

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Boston’s Best Kept Secret

When you think about an entire city having a secret or a cult for over 30 years, you wouldn’t think about it being gourmet ice cream. However, when you think about a place that sells both Brownie and Oreo Cake Batter ice cream, you wouldn’t want to risk someone else getting the last scoop. But you are in luck because if you are reading this, Boston’s best-kept secret is out. Have you heard of Ron’s Ice Cream and 20th Century Bowling Alleys? Probably not, but you’ll be glad we told you. Hidden...

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